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What can cause an "overclock failure" message?

My computer runs for about 30 minutes then shuts down. I have an ASUS motherboard and an AMD cpu. The CPU temp is at about 32 degrees Celsius, so it's not overheating. I did NOT overclock. I'm using default BIOS settings. Please help!

The part list:

No windows updates.

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Can you provide the ASUS motherboard model and bios version, AMD processor, type of heatsink, installed graphics cards and operating system. If there were any changes to made to the computer beforehand(including Windows update), please briefly note them.

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Here is the part list:

No additional windows updates.

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Thank you for the specifications. I checked the CPU support for your processor and was interested in knowing if your BIOS version is higher than 1006, which is the version for when your processor was first supported. The method for checking your current bios is here. I would recommend updating to version above this, which is listed as 1101, if you are running something older. I think its better when you incrementally update the bios and this is why I am not recommending the newest.

Can you run a memory test, whether the bios is up to date or after it is updated.

Have you tried a different power supply?

Can you verify the AI Tweaker settings on page 3-8 of the manual match what is on your system.

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Abdur Rahman has the right idea Asus and AMD are bad for not being in sync with there bios needs . You may also want to check the ram comparability Asus has a list and occasionally they through in weird timing requirements for ram use the Memory QVL (Qualified Vendors Lists).

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