PlayBook won't attempt to start, short circuit?


My PlayBook will not boot up anymore after a possible short circuit of the charging mechanism. I made a portable charging set running off of four D batteries with a zener diode to restrict the voltage to 5 volts. The two contact points had touched each other with my playbook connected and now it won't even try to boot. I had a full battery and still nothing. when i hold the power button, somewhere around the CPU i hear a faint clicking that happens twice with 3/4 of a second ion between each. Any ideas for what I should do?

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I was doing some measurements with my voltmeter, and in some areas of the playbook, there is resistance of up to 135,000 ohms. I did some more testing on the battery, and I had resistance of up to 20,000,000 ohms and above on there. Could my issue just be the battery?

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