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Released September 2013, the Visual Land Prestige Pro 7D model number ME-7D-8GB is an affordable and sturdy tablet designed for kids.

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Why does my tablet turn off after turning it on?

My visual land was charging fine a few hours ago, but when I turned it on after charging for a couple of hours the screen stayed black. Upon plugging the charger back in, there seems to be no reaction to the charger. (The charger works fine on my Kyocera Android phone.)

I hit the reset button on my visual land and it booted up for a minute then went black again. I tried this again pressing the start button along with the volume key and I got the same result.. Booted up then died into blackness.

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Try connecting your charger to the Tab and see if it boots up and runs normally, (you may have to hit the reset button again).

If it does, shut down the Tab, disconnect the charger and try booting just off the battery. If it fails when trying to boot on the battery alone, your battery is faulty and needs to be replaced.

If it doesn't, try connecting your Tab to a PC and see if you get a charging indication. If so allow it to charge for 10 minutes then try to boot with it still connected to the PC. If it does then there may be something wrong with the charging port in your Tab. Allow the battery to fully charge and then try it on the battery alone.

If it doesn't boot at all after trying the above, you may have a faulty charging circuit and or a faulty battery in your Tab.

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