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My app won't stop even after restart

Hello evrybody!

I was playing Team Fortress 2 and i quit from the ingame quit button.Later i saw that i am still in game despite not having it in my taskbar.

Went to task manager,Did end procces on "hl2" but it said "The operation could not be completed. Acces is denied"

Restarted pc,unplugged from wall and started again,all that and every time i start my pc it says i'm in game and it's still open in task manager even if i don't see any window

It doesn't let me uninstall.I deleted most files that it allowed me to...

Please help

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I would also like to point out that i tried several process killers but none worked,everytime i would get the message : Denied

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Go into safe mode and try to access those files and/or use an uninstaller in safemode.

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just to add to what old turkey has suggested to get into safe mode if your using one of the newer windows OS is a bit tricky . This site can help

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I am so thankfull to you guys , oldturkey03 and Jimfixer. YOU ROCK!

I spent about 1-2 gours last night on forums and all that and there was no solution that could help me.

In case someone revisits this:

I booted into safe mode,went where the .exe app that wouldn't stop was(for me it was D:\Steam\steamapps\common\Team Fortress 2 and hl2.exe

I moved this folder to another folder,restarted ,moved it back there again and it stopped and my game is working now.

One last thing,for the pople saying "it's ghost procces,it doesn't take the memory that it says" well,that might be true but steam was saying that i was in-game and it would let me play anything if i wouldn't stop the current game.

Thank you again guys,i am so thankful !

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