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Released on September 19, 2014, this 5.5" screen iPhone is the larger version of the iPhone 6.

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4 or so white Lines after Full Display Assembly Repair

I have successfully completed my IPhone 6 Plus Full Display Assembly repair. The only issues I am having is, there are a few white or so lines on the side of the screen. The Touch Id works perfectly, the phone works just as normal, but like I said there is a few white lines on the side. Any Ideas?

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Typically the white lines are related to the lcd cable not connecting properly. Try reinstalling the cable and make sure it snaps into place, but don't push to hard. Make sure the cable connector is straight and not curved.

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3 possibilities.

1. One of the cables digitizer or lcd cable arent seated all the way causing the lines.

2. You have a bad LCD.

3. Your screen has static in it.

Number 3 is hotly debated, but I've seen screens have white lines that after letting them sit for 2 hours, which supposedly helps the static go away, start working fine after.

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I had the phone off for a while, turned it back on and the lines were gone. But, they seemed to come back after a while then as well. Kind of a weird situation.

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How long would it take for them to show back up? You probably had a bad screen. I've dealt with a lot of screens and have seen this behavior before.

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I do believe the screen is bad! I have talked with Fixit Support, they are sending me a replacement to test.

I fixit is a great company.

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I hope thats that issue. Let me know if the replacement fixes the issue.

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Got the replacement screen today, the new screen solved all problems. Works perfectly

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