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The Acer Aspire R7 is a touch screen laptop with a floating hinge. This model was released in 2013.

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How does one disassemble the hinge and display?

Sadly, the LCD of my R7 has torn. The glass plate in front of the lcd seems to be fine and unharmed, but the lcd inside is clearly torn. It's not usable anymore. I spoke to Acer, but it doesn't seem to fall under warranty. Their offer is to repair it for 490EUR. Needless to say, I'm first looking to try repair this myself.

On ebay, most I can find, is either just the lcd, just the glass plate with digitizer and touch layer, or a combination of those two. I've only found 1 advert where the entire top half is offered, but it has a white/stuck pixel which I'm really not looking to buy:[1]

Now I've looked up some guides on how to disassemble this thing, but all the guides I've found only describe the disassembly of the bottom unit (Where the mobo, kb, etc is located). They seem to detatch the top half, but they don't show anything else.

I'd like to order just the LCD from somewhere on ebay since the glass plate with the digitizer and touch layer seems to be just fine, but I have no idea on how to disassemble the R7 to do this.

So it seems I need help with either of two solutions:

1. I need help finding a replacement for the entire top half like the ebay advert I linked up there, one which doesn't have a defect.

2. I need some guidance on how to disassemble the top half of the unit so I can try replacing just the lcd with one of the many that seem to be listed on ebay.

I've removed all visible screws which seem to connect the screen casing to the hinge, but it's still attached as tight as ever.

Any help on this matter would be greatly appreciated!

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Bodhi Mulders see if this guide will help you. Multiple complete units available on here as well as many others.

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Thanks for the reply. I indeed found many of those on ebay, but those dont include the back casing and hinge. The guide you linked me to was one of the guides I found myself, but as I mentioned in the OP, it doesn't show me how to disassemble the top half. I first need to know how to do that before I start ordering anything. Maybe it's a glue construction and I have to melt it with a hairdryer/heatgun?

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