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Lanzado en el 2003, el iBook G4 reemplazo a el iBook G3 como la computadora portatil de Apple para consumidores.

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replace a hard drive but appear kernel panic

replace a hard drive but appear kernel panic, after install mac os 10.4 or some times freeze during installation and appear same error.i have also installed mac os 10.5 does the same error.

I have no original disks

be problem of hardware?

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At what point did you get the panic? How was the drive formatted? Let us about your installation disks along with what color they are.


Thank you. Charging The System Sometimes, When Shown the Apple other after the welcome video to complete the installation leopard appear (you need to restart you computer. hold down the power).the disk is formatted mac os extended (journaled).has two partitions on 1 10 gb and another 110 gb in the 10 gb restored leopard.img,this process made by a friend that I have no installation CDs by plugging in firewire from other mac.


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I think you said that the system was installed via "Target mode" with a firewire cable. If the start up machine had an Intel processor it would install the wrong type of system and cause a kernel panic. If the other machine is a G4, then download "SuperDuper" to the working Mac and clone the drive in Target mode. He's where to get a free version:

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