Why is WiFi not working? It appears "Turning On" all the time.

When I want to turn on the wifi on my HTC desire 700, it keeps showing "Turning On" but never works !! .

I've reset my device and nothing happened to the wifi !!

Smartphones are nothing without wifi connection! I need help

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Found this info, it may not work but it doesn't take long to try. Make sure Wifi is off. Then place phone in Airplane mode. Manually turn on WiFi. If it turns on bring phone back from airplane mode to normal see if WiFi stays on, also check 3G is back (according to user guide, normally 3G and Wifi are turned off when airplane mode activated BUT Wifi can be manually turned on in airplane mode). If it works it might only be a workaround until better solutions available. If it doesn't work sorry to have troubled you.

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Hi Jayeff!

Thank you for help! ٍI'm sorry to tell that your solution didn't work, cuz as I told you, WiFi never turns on whether the Airplane mode is ON or OFF. It keeps showing "Turning on.." all the time when I want to turn it on!. Some technician friends told me that it may have problem with something called "WiFi IC" as they said! Do you have any idea about this, and what I should do right now?. Thank you!

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The WiFi IC is the WiFi controller 'chip' (CPU for WiFi). It is mounted on the systemboard. It may have gone faulty. If it has then you are better getting another phone or maybe it could be the WiFi antenna has a bad connection (and I do not know for your phone if it even has a separate WiFi antenna - some phones use the one antenna for phone and WiFi, some have two, one for phone, one for WiFi). Take it to a professional mobile phone repair service (someone who knows HTC models) and ask for a quote to repair, then decide what you want to do.

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