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Una máquina de café expreso para el hogar fácil de usar creada por Saeco y rebautizada para Starbucks. Esta máquina es excelente para los bebedores de espresso y tiene una excelente construcción y vida útil.

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Little stones in the steam wand

i get little hard flat stone like pieces that plug the steam wand and run out into the cup when I am priming the pump. I can easily un plug the wand, but I wonder what it is that is causing this and if it is unsafe to possibly be consuming these little prieces.

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These are pieces of scale, most likely calcium; they are formed when minerals in the water react with the metal of the boiler. Usually they adhere to the inside of the boiler but they can break free and plug the steam wand, among other things. Descaling the machine, and continuing to do so on a regular basis, should remedy this issue and prevent it from happening again. This is normal maintenance for any espresso machine.

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I suggest not using it anymore. You best bet is to contact the company and tell them its posing as a health hazard and you want a replacement or you can technically sue them.

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