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4" smartphone manufactured by BLU Products, featuring a dual-core processor, 512 of RAM, and Android 4.0

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USB/charger connecting and disconnecting

Please help. My computer makes a noise when I plug something in the USB ports, and when I connect my phone, it connects, and a second later it disconnects. And it keeps going. It doesn't even charge my phone.

I never had trouble while the phone was on, but now the battery drained out and I can't get it to charge anymore.

A couple of months back the power button wasn't working properly, but that problem disappeared, and now is seems to have come back.

I really don't want to go to a phone workshop if I can solve this on my own.

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mene meri pendrive ko powerbank me laga diya jabse meri pendrive kisi bhi systam me show nahi ho rahi hai mujhe kya karna chahiye

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Rishi, uh, sir,

Literally what?

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Have you tried a different USB cable between the phone and your PC? If a new one is no different try the following:

With the cable connected between a PC and the phone try applying very gentle lateral pressure (try in all directions - especially down or up) to the USB cable plug at the phone end and see if you can make it maintain either a charging and/or data connection with the PC. If you can, it indicates that you either have a faulty or loose USB socket in the phone.

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I haven't try another USB cable, but I tried another charger. And it doesn't fix anything. Besides, i don't see why this faulty socket would cause the volume to go haywire or the power button to not function correctly.

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My answer was based on the fact that I thought that the battery was not being charged properly. If it not charged properly a battery could start to fail and a failing battery, with possible fluctuating voltage levels supplied by it could, I stress only could, cause the electronics to behave unusually. You stated that you can't get it to charge anymore. As the charging is done through the USB port I was just trying to eliminate it or the USB cord as a possible reason why it was not charging. With a low battery your start button will not function anyway. You need the battery to have at least a set minimum voltage level for the electronics to work. Below that nothing works. As the charger, USB cord and USB socket are the only things external to the phone (the socket by way of inserting and removal of cord), that a user normally handles it seems reasonable that they might suffer some form of mechanical or electrical failure, at some time. I realize that the start button is 'handled' as well but in electronics fault diagnosis is usually best done by a process of elimination (what works what doesn't) unless the cause is obvious.

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Sorry, I did not update the situation, here. I got the phone to turn on, with nothing but patience and stuborness. The phone itself is still working, and it charges, now that ti's turned on. Like you said, it's like the phone needed some energy to "thrust" into turning on. Buuut... even now, that it's charged, when I turn it off, I still have trouble turning it on.

Sometimes, very rarely, the power button works normally. I have to unplug the USB port, try to press the power button, plug it again, keep trying, and repeat the process. Until one time, with the port plugged or unplugged, the button works.

If I plug it or unplug again, the button doesn't work again.

(Also, everytime I plug or unplug the USB port, the volume up button is pressed. Sometimes it keeps being pressed for a few seconds, and rarely it looks like it is pressed until I twinkle with the port again.)

And the side pressure just unplug and plug the phone into the PC, but doesn't fix anything.

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Just reading the User guide for your phone it states "Long press the Power key to switch on the phone". I wonder how long is 'long'. I know on my generic Chinese Tablet I have to hold the button for 10 seconds for it to turn on. Maybe it is something you could test. Just hold the button and see how long it takes to turn on, if at all. This link also describes the long turn on time - scroll down to phone will not turn on

Blu Dash 4.0 Troubleshooting

The only other thing I can think of besides opening the phone and testing the power button (which on phones is usually a small sealed bladder type switch) is to hard reset the phone. This will restore the phone to a factory default condition, basically it will be like when you first bought it. Sorry I have to make three posts out of this due to limitation on number of characters allowed

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To Continue.

This overcomes a lot of problems usually caused by software glitches and corruption (usually caused by downloading, installing, running and uninstalling different Apps that you tried and didn't need- not all software is perfect). It does not overcome any hardware problems. Again with trying to find out what is wrong, you eliminate things. Is it hardware related or software related. The only problem with doing this is that you lose all your downloaded apps and user data. If you backup your phone before you perform a hard reset you can restore it to what you had after you have done the hard reset. By doing this, before you restore your data you can see if the phone has returned to operating normally. If it does operate normally you have eliminated the possibility of a hardware problem.

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I'm having the same problems, but with multiple things. The disconnecting, and charging messages keep popping up at the bottom of the screen, and for some reason every charger in the house can't work with my dtek 50


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I do not have a computer. I want to know who is hacking my phone

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My pc done this also, like it was disconnecting and reconnecting. I found the following page that addresses the USB power options that seem to be my problem.

hope that helps someone.

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