How can I check to see if it is repairable

ASUS Crosshair Motherboard

Powers up, then shuts down after 2-3 seconds. No Beep

Cleared CMOS per manual

I've taken the mobo out of the case, Hooked up just the PSU, Power switch from the case, speaker, CPU with Heat sink and fan, and RAM.

Replaced each of these components 1 at a time, and still get the same results.

It has an on-board LCD Display, which some of it does not work, so can't read it.

It also has on-board LED lighting, which lights up the board with blue lights around all the connectors.

I have noticed that if I switch it to the blue lighting, the mobo does not start at all.

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Don't quite understand. Does it have blue lighting which you can turn on and off? If so, having it on means it doesn't start at all - is this correct?

To me, it seems to indicate that the voltage is being 'dropped' by the extra power being required to drive the lighting. You say that you have replaced the PSU so I assuming that somewhere along one of the power supply paths you have an incorrect voltage level which when detected during startup prevents it from progressing further. Having the motherboard service manual would help because a lot of service manuals give voltage test point readings to help determine where the problem lies. Unfortunately I cannot find a service manual only the user manual.You may be luckier. Maybe look for bulging capacitors or heat stressed components.

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Does it show the logo when it powers up or not?

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