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Samsung Galaxy Core I8260 teléfono inteligente Android. Anunciado en mayo de 2013.

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My phone won't turn on. Battery is still good .

I had insurance on my new Galaxy Core, I lost it at Walmart a month or so ago. So I've only had it for about 3 months. It just quit turning on. I had the battery checked and it had a full charge. Verizon said I was on my own. Now I'm locked into a bunk program, which I find out is the most expensive that charges an arm and a leg for the stuff others give for free. Please help me fix my phone. ~Jill

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If you don't have any experience with electronics take it to a repairer and ask for a quote. You shouldn't get charged for a quote so if they do call the next place. If its over $100 then perhaps by a new phone.

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I Know This One! Just Charge Your Phone Then Hold Power Button I Hope It Works!

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I'm a little tech savvy but I just wanted to know what the few choices I had needed to look for, please.


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