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Can I repair an iPhone 6 home button flex cable?

So I went to do a screen replacement for my friend. After opening up his iPhone, I quickly noticed that the home button flex cable had been torn in half. On top of this, after replacing the screen, the iPhone came up with the "iPhone is Disabled - connect to iTunes" screen. This of course requiring a restore (and myself not yet knowing about the joys of Error 53) I proceeded with the restore. So now we have run into a fairly large problem. I can't replace the home button with a new one due to error 53 and I can't finish the restore due to error 53. Is there anyway to repair the flex cable, either by soldering it back together, or any makeshift method that anyone is aware of?

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I've seen some people fix the home button but it takes some soldering skills. Here is a video of Jessa Jones doing one.

hope this helps.

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