Is My Logic Board Fried?

I just bought a used MBP and it wont boot. I tested it out before I bought it and it worked just fine, 5 minutes later I go to restore it to factory settings. I hit the apple icon and select shut down. It shuts down 10 seconds later I press the power button. No chime, no fan, no HDD noises, sleep light doesn't light up, black screen. The battery indicator light on the side works properly and says it has 3/4 charge. I plug the charger in and the light goes green to orange like normal. When I reset the SMC the charger goes to green then orange again. I have tried the tricks to boot it, including replaced the RAM, swapped HDD, cleaned the logic board, left it for 3 days with the battery out, still nothing. Tried connecting pin 5 with 29 and I can see a tiny spark but still nothing. Is my logic board likely fried?

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Connecting Pin 5 with 29? I'm preety shure you are just trying to ground pin 5 only. SMC debug with no hard drive then get back !

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Hey thanks for the response! But I tried SMC debug with no HDD and nothing. Also tried just pin 5 and got nothing also. And now with a 3/4 full battery charge the light on the charger is a solid green and does not turn orange.

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Take the battery out hold down the power button for 15 seconds plug the battery then the charger hit the power button. Shorting pin 5 on 15"MBP is risky you are right around the isl charging ic which is easy to short you need to tape a paper clip with electrical tape almost all the way down you should not be seeing sparks anytime.

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