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Lanzado el 19 de septiembre de 2014, este iPhone de pantalla de 4.7" es la versión más pequeña del iPhone 6 Plus. Identificable por los números de modelo A1549, A1586 y A1589.

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iPhone dead within 3hours of new battery, won't charge or turn on

I bought a refurbed iPhone 6 in May 2015. About 6 weeks ago I replaced the battery because I was only getting a day out of it and it eventually died and wouldn't charge or turn on. The same thing happened a few days ago, I got another new battery (thinking maybe the last one was dodgy) today and within 3 hours went from 100% to 10% then died and won't charge or turn on.

I can't just be the battery, it must be a fault with the phone draining the battery that quickly and not charging or turning on

It's out of warranty and I suspect the seller won't be overly helpful given the time that has lapsed.

Any ideas helpful people?!

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Hello Sarah

I was going to suggest cheap aftermarket batteries can often be faulty or not last long, but as you have tried 2 there is probably another issue

I would imagine something on the main board is causing the issue. The only other thing that I would try is to install a new lightening flex. This may be causing an issue and they are relatively cheap to buy so worth a try



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