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HMDX Jam HX-P230 is a wireless Bluetooth speaker manufactured and released by the HMDX Company in 2012. Also known as JAM classic portable speaker.

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HMDX Jam's micro usb charging port not working

So I'm trying to see if its possible to change or even fix the charging port on the speaker mine will no longer take a charge and the pins look a little bent inside of the unit..not sure if its feasible to even repair or change it..thanks anyways

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Alexander, biggest issue will be to find the right port. If you can find a replacement port, unsolder the old one and replace with a new one. Using this guide you can actual get to the connector. You will need some port in order to charge the battery. You can always rig it by using a charging cable, cut the micro USB end off and solder the wires to the contacts on the port. Not perfect but it would work and still better than a landfill.

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Email them and tell them it's a horrible design...I've gotten 3 since cause every one is crap..After about 10 time putting charger in the little pieces the charger hooks to bends...Now I've asked for different one but they will send another..Now I keep the charger in at all times..What I meant to say they will not send another type of speaker


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