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Announced on October 16, 2014, the iPad Air 2 is a thinner successor to the iPad Air.

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Air 2 has no power after screen replacement

This was my 4th Air 2 screen replacement and it was a normal repair, nothing weird happened. I cannot get the unit to turn on now. iTunes doesn't recognize it and when plugging it into a Apple charger it shows no sign of life. I pulled off the cover to check the components and found nothing to really be out of place. I used a loupe and took some pictures for you to check.

I have tried several hard resets, the original display and another OEM display. Nothing on the board got hit taking it out. No lights and no sounds from charging it.

I need ideas about what to check.

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Did you use any metal tools when disconnecting the battery or LCD? Its ok if you did, just please be honest since this will really help troubleshoot this.


Same problem but I also changed the battery. And it wouldnt charge anymore. Would you happen to know a solution maybe?


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I would make sure that the lightning connector is firmly connected. I would go as far as to disconnect and reconnect as a first step in troubleshooting

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