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Apple anunció el Retina MacBook 2015, modelo A1534, el 9 de marzo de 2015 para su lanzamiento el 10 de abril. Tiene una nueva construcción Unibody e incluye un trackpad, teclado y pantalla Retina actualizados.

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Opening screen causes creaking noises

Does any Macbook 2015 Retina owners here have any creaking issues with their screen?

After about 2 months of use, the screen of my Macbook 2015 starts to creak - especially when its reached its final opening angle . It progressively gets worse until the creak can happen at any opening angle.

Took it back to the genius bar, waited 5 days, they said all good, within 2 days it started again and soon got back to its noisy creaks.

Brought it back to the genius bar, waited again 5 more days, all good, hinge felt really smooth, then now about a month later, the creak is slowly coming back again.

Driving me mad, what is wrong with this notebook.

For some reason, I have read people's screen getting replaced and no more posts of creaks, but they don't (yet) want to replace the screen for some reason.

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Three times should be the charm here!

Go back and tell them it would be nice for them to really fix this. Ask them this time to please replace the screen or have them exchange the system with a new unit. That should do it. Have them commit to it this time (in writing if you can on the repair slip and your copy).

To make sure they do replace the screen how about making a small scratch mark on the lid somewhere so you have a way to tell (take a picture of it). When you go back to pick it up you'll have a way to tell. If they didn't replace it tell them you know its the same one (don't give your secret away yet). See what they say.

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The hinges are part of the lid. The problem here is the lid was out of alignment when the screw holes for the hinges where drilled (during manufacturing) so the hinge pin to rub under tension. This is no different than a house door when the wood frame or door warps in your house.

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