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An upgraded version of the Microsoft Surface, the Microsoft Surface Pro (1514) Laptop/Tablet hybrid is very difficult to open and repair without further breaking the device.

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Won't power on after ssd removal.

I removed the SSD from my surface and placed in a larger drive. I put it back together but when I went to power it on, nothing happened. If i tap the windows button on it, it vibrates the pressing power won't boot. Did I manage to fry it or just possibly break the cable connecting the power button?

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dude it could be anything .....there are hundreds of possibilities what can go wrong

try to switch the drives back and see whatever it works or not

and let me know whatever it works (if you can't switch let me know too)

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I swapped back the SSD but no dice.

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check for visual board damage (and smell it whatever it smells burned)

take a multimeter and meassure the 5 and 12v rails (messure the hard drive power connector)also messure the batterys voltage

we need to make sure that we have power

did you wear antistatic eq ? (aka wrist strap)

if not you may have killed it with ESD (little chance but >0)

also check all connectors (reconnect whem and check for damage)

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