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El Trio Stealth-10 MST 10-21, fabricado por Trio Tablets, está destinado a ser un verdadero caballo de batalla en la familia Trio Table aportando una pantalla más grande y más velocidad al usuario.

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Why is my device constantly power cycling?

The device will charge fully and drain to 50% than die almost instantly...

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Most likely this is an issue with the connection of the battery. Try disconnecting the battery internally and then reconnecting it.

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how do I open my tablet

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@cabrich1957 Assuming we're still talking about a The Trio Stealth-10 tablet, there's a battery replacement guide available here on iFixit.

Trio Stealth-10 Battery Replacement - iFixit Repair Guide

Unfortunately, Ian Russell's solution isn't a great one, as the battery doesn't use a connector that can be unplugged; instead the battery is soldered directly to the motherboard. So you'd need to use a soldering iron to disconnect the battery and reconnect it.

If you're experiencing the same issue as the original poster, I would disagree; this sounds very much like a battery that has reached the end of its useful life and needs to be replaced. That would be the first thing I'd try in order to fix the issue.

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