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El iMac G5, impulsado por el procesador PowerPC G5, fue lanzado originalmente en el 2004.

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Password on account on G5 I don't know

How do I reset the password just bought iMac G5 no disc

Works fine but can't upgrade keeps asking for password not got it

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Boot into single-user mode by holding down Command & S keys together BEFORE it boots up and after you hear the startup chime. When you get the terminal window type the following commands in the same order I list them:

/sbin/mount -uw /

/sbin/fsck -fy

rm /var/db/.applesetupdone


This runs the new account wizard after the device reboots again and you'll be able to set up a new administrator account. Once the account is set up you can delete the existing account you do not know the login information to and proceed to use the device with your newly setup iMac.

Good luck!

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I only have standard keyboard to operate with

- de

Thank you it worked perfect

- de

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Your best bet is to erase the hard drive and reinstall MacOS - you just do not know it’s history so you’re usually better off with nuking the drive and reinstalling a fresh copy. Better to wipe it and start over for many reasons, including possible liability if you find something potentially illegal on it or they left their XXX stash on it. The one exception is a collectible with internal software that’s verifiable but other then that, just erase it.

Apple hasn’t sold the software these can run (10.3-10.5 for non-ALS, 10.4-10.5 for ALS) for years, so you either need to buy old media on eBay or check online for an ISO from a site like Internet Archive. I am not linking one here, but if you look hard enough you can find a copy of the Retail DVD and burn it in Disk Utility, or change it to .img and burn it on anything that supports .img files or use PowerISO. Beyond that advice, you’re on your own downloading it. I’d really recommend a DVD+RW for this, as YMWV wildly with these files in my experience when I redid a G5 ALS I was given - the problem is some people get it wrong, and it’s either broken or non-booting. Mine came from a university, and as usual with this guy he never wiped anything before giving it to me so I just did it for the school.

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