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Third generation Surface Pro tablet, released June 20, 2014.

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Repair parts needed foe surface pro 3

I am in the data recovery business.

I need the data off of a surface pro 3 but the screen is broken so I cant get to the encryption code.

- I desperately need a new screen & digitizer bonded unit to get this data

Any place I can get this in days not weeks?

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I'd recommend getting ahold of a used surface pro 3 that has a bad digitizer, but a working screen and a good working surface keyboard. I have a surface pro 3 that has a bad digitizer, but the screen is fine and with the attached keyboard it works just fine for navigating around. If the ssd is encrypted you will need to carefully put the working screen on the locked unit and go from there. Other than that you are looking for a replacement digitizer/screen assembly on feebay with rush shipping and hope it works for the $400+USD. Hope this helps...

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