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Lines and squares on my screen

I bought a new (used) display and digitizer from ifixit for an Ipod 5g. I had originally just purchased the replacement glass, but in the process of cleaning the old adhesive off the screen, I got cleaning fluid inside the display, and (at least I thought) ruined it. However, I'm seeing the same thing with the new display that I saw with the old one when I tried to fire it up - lines (foreground) and squares (background) on the display, and the touch screen seems to not work where those artifacts appear. Now the strange part - I can futz with it and get the artifacts to be in different parts of the display. Is there some other component that likely stopped working during the repair process, or did I just receive a bad display, so they're both toast? Or do I have a loose connection somewhere? Or...?

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I inconveniently don't have an answer to this, but why this might be happening is because the touch screen is broken in those areas. (If the lines are red.) My best answer is to take it in to an Apple store so they can run a diagnostic on it. Hope this helps!

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Thanks for responding! I just bought this screen (through ifixit), but I think this might ultimately be the answer. Even if it's not the screen (for example, if there's some driver chip that makes the touch screen work that's broken), they should be able to tell me what it is, I would think. Do you know if they charge you to take a look at it?


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