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The third-generation HTC One smartphone which was first released in March 2015. Its major revisions on the M8 design include the octa-core Snapdragon 810 processor and a 20-megapixel rear camera.

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Vibration-motor: can I use a One M8 vibration motor for my M9?

Where can I buy a new vibration motor for my HTC One M9?

Couldn't found a site to order one, can i also order an older vibration motor from a M8 and build this into the phone?

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i have this problem too,i've heard that m9 vibration motor is soldered to motherboard,scared to fix it myself

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Have you tried running a diagnostic test to troubleshoot the vibrator? You can run a diagnostics test on your HTC by opening the phone dialer and typing in *#*#3424#*#*

By typing *#*#3424#*#* the screen should display a menu which allows you to test different functions of your phone such as the vibrator motor, speakers, flash light, touch function, back light and others.

The HTC one M9 vibrator motor is soldered directly to the motherboard while the HTC one M8 vibrator motor has a small connector that plugs into a connection on the motherboard. So if you are having issues with the vibrator motor on your M9 then you will likely have to do a little soldering work to fix the issue. You may want to remove the back cover on the phone and see if maybe the wires for the vibrator motor have broken loose from the motherboard. If so you may just need to resolder the two wires back in place on the motherboard to fix your issue.

If the vibrator motor is properly soldered to the motherboard but is not functioning properly then you could use the vibrator from the M8 and cut the small connector off the end of the two wires and solder the two wires directly to the M9 motherboard. I too have looked for a vibrator specifically for the M9 and have only seen this site which sells the M8 vibrator which is listed for the M9 also. Here the link to that site:

Hope this is helpful to you. Let me know if you have any more questions and best of luck.

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Sure I've tried diagnostic report multiple times. And I'm pretty sure that a cable is no longer connected correct to the daughter-board. Because when i shake the phone I can hear a rattle and I tried an app that constantly sets the phone to vibrate-mode, and when I then shaked the phone, sporadicly the vibrator worked. That makes me feel pretty sure the connection is lost and needs some soldering.

I'm aware that the M8 vibrator motor is different for the connection, but my plan was exactly to cut that piece off and solder the ends to the daughterboard, because all vibrators I've seen always just had these two connectors, so I don't think there will be compatibility issues.

I've ordered a M8 and M7 vibration motor that will arrive about wednesday, I'll then open the phone and first check if the problem is just the connection, otherwise I will take the M8 or M7 vibrator and will check if the size matches and will then try to build in one of these.

The link refer's to a M8 vibrator because of the connector

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Did you manage to fix it? I have the same problem myself. It comes and goes with a shake or tap on the side so it's as you said a connection problem. The module itself is working.

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@jesselioce Yes I've ordered a M8 vibration motor, opened the back cover and soldered the new vibration motor to the board, worked perfectly

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