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1 Hour Old Washing Machine Scarping the Sides During Agitation?

In a huge bind here, especially with Thanksgiving being 2 days away.

I just had a new GE washer (GTWN4250DWS Top‑Loading Washer ‑ 3.9 cu ft ‑ White Washing Machine) delivered today (Just a couple hours ago) and after having to have the darn delivery guys come back with my old drain hose because the new one flooded my laundry room (an hour and a half after we called them!), I was finally able to try a load of towels. Well, it got to the agitation cycle after filling and it sounds like it may be scraping the sides of the washer????

Could it really be a belt or transmission problem already??

Any help would be so greatly appreciated.

Thank you!

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Anyone else by chance? :(

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Did you make sure to remove all the packing material? Have you checked to see if there are any retainers for the drum during transport?

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There was no packaging material and it was professionally installed.

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Just getting a new washer tomorrow. Hopefully it is delivered in one piece and operates at 100% unlike this pos.

Thank you for the help.

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Just a quick thought -- make sure the washer is level.

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Thank you very much. I did do that (before I posted) and it is. :(

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