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El Honda Accord de séptima generación

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Why is my transmission failing to shift after 30 mins of running.

I have a 2004 honda accord ex. After the car runs for thirty mins, the car will not shift out of first gear, when it is an automatic transmission. I have replaced the solenoid switch and the computer and problem continues to persist.

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Hello Prentice, How many miles are on your transmission?

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I hace the same problem in My accord I have spent a lot of Money and the continiu....

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Somebody can helo me .......

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Check out this web page to help you trouble shoot, there is a ton of good info.

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Generally this is a sign of low or over-used oil.

I would check the oil level and its color first.

If you can do this, the trans oil should be a red color. If it is not, get it change ASAP.

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