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Released alongside the AirPort Extreme base station, this hard drive equipped variant offers 802.11ac speed on a time capsule NAS.

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Cables connection for the LED indicator lights

Hi all,

I messed up my LED indicator lights by accidentally pulling out all three cables from the socket connector.

It is now showing amber all the time, instead of bold green as i have given up trying which cable goes to which.

How can I know which cable go to which?

There are three cables altogether for the one led at the front of the time capsule.

Tks in advance.

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I have mine open right now so I can easily tell you in about 4 hours when I get home.

BTW, the connector lifts out perpendicular to the logic board, unlike the million others that look exactly like it which pull out horizontally.

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Sorry I was unable to help last night. Yep, perpendicular, as in lift it away from the logic board towards the white plastic instead of towards the open air. You'll need a tiny spudger to move the connector and not the wires. Actually pulling it by the wires will damage the connector and wires even more. The wires are brittle so don't bend them any more than necessary.

- de

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these are the three cables, and I have coloured them, blue been left most, middle no colour, red right most.

Please advise me what is the right arrangement for all three cables.


Block Image

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Tks man, if you can just advise where the middle cable should go and I can easily test the other two by interchanging one another.


meaning pulling them upwards is wrong? arghhhh... I should have checked.

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