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The Xbox 360 is the second game console made by Microsoft, and was released November 22, 2005.

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missing a pin in my USB port, xbox wont turn on.

The back usb port , usually used for the wireless adapter has a golden pin missing and I beleive it is the reason for my Xbox not even starting. Any help for either removing the USB completely , or even just fixing the port enough to get it to just start up again. I would be forever grateful.

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Look closely, the pin is probably pushed back or bent and shorting on the metal casing for the usb port. This happened to me with the front usb port (kids tripped over the Rockband Drum cord)and all I did was straighten the pin with a small pair of tweezers so it wasn't shorting and voila, it started again. Now I don't use that port cause the plastic guide that the pin was attached to is missing, plugging anything in again would just bend the pin again.

Hope this helps



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Couldn't have said it better Danny Buttnor, follow what he says and that'll fix your problem.

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I this and it did not work l. But I don't know if all of the pins in the front are supposed to stand up. I have 2 in the middle standing and on the side they are down

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One more thing, put some tape over the port itself to prevent anyone trying to use it.

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