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Message display reads: Recovery/ Removable Storage Device

My laptop was working fine on Sunday night when I activated my phone, then after shutting it down properly. The next day when I tried to turn it on, the message that shows on the screen says: Recovery: the removable storage device was stopped or is failing, then it turns itself off. Is there anything I can do.

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Do you have a picture of the error message? I'd hate to say it, but the hard drive may have died. It happens, usually at the most inconvenient and unexpected of times.

There may still be some hope: there should be something called a "Recovery Partition" that you can boot off of to troubleshoot Windows problems. Usually when your computer turns on, it may display a message to press a certain key (the F-keys, DEL, or ESC...?) to get into "Boot Options". See if theres anything pertaining to "system recovery" on the boot list.

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