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1977 Columbia Commuter moped.

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Where can I get a carb rebuild kit?

where can I get a carburator rebuild kit for a sachs 50cc engine on an old Columbia Commuter?

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What model Sachs engine is it and what carb are you having on it? The common carb on this model would be a Bing 85/12/101 but yours may have been changed over the years.

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Jim Hill, if your moped still has the Bing 85/12/101 carb there is a repair kit you can get from here

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I don't know much about mopeds, but here's what I could come up with after a little digging.

I'm reading some 1977 columbia commuters have the sachs 505/1a engine. Here's the best I could come up with if you have the sachs on yours.

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