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Why does the message 'raise the flash' appear on my screen?

Why does the message 'raise the flash' appear on my screen?

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game agar igebs fotoebs da risi bralia xom ar icit?????

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Hi @Lm Duncan,

If you are using the Nikon ViewNX2 software to transfer your pictures, it states

At default settings, all new pictures on the camera memory card or in the camera’s built-in memory can be copied to the computer by clicking Start Transfer in Nikon Transfer 2. The pictures will automatically be displayed in ViewNX 2 when transfer is complete.

Here is an image taken from the software guide that shows, if you would rather, how to choose selected pictures to copy to your PC

Block Image

Here is a link to the View NX2 reference guide.

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Found this link which describes the message "raise the flash" . Scroll about half way down the page until you find "raise the flash"

The following is the cause/solution offered to this condition The numbers in brackets below refer to the page numbers in the manual. I have provided links to those pages.

The flash is lowered.

Raise the flash when shooting using Night portrait (p39),or Backlighting in scene mode. (p42)

When using G(easy auto) mode, you can take pictures without raising the flash but the flash does not fire.(p53)

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how do itransfer new photos onto computer?

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