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Why my phone wont work after update?

update the phone and the phone wont work keep saying failed to set up mount..

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How long did it take your phone to update, I started the update on my phone around 11:30 this morning and now my phone is stuck on the white start up screen and I cant do anything with it. I don't know what to do...


My phone updated this morning and we everything is messed up. Majority of the apps I use are through google play and that no longer works. Not to mention I lost my notification bar, and my home button. I think this is a down date rather than an update


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Hello Latonya Gillespie,

  • Press and hold the power button until phone turn off
  • After 20 seconds press and hold Power+ Volume Up to enter Recovery mode
  • use 5th option ( update from cache - if the previous version not update properly this option will help you to fix the phone)
  • if above step not works select option 4 (Update from SD card - your phone support only OTA updates so update could be store at memory on your phone - this step will help you to update back your phone

Non of above not works for you, just try 3rd Option ( Wipe data /Factory reset )

Hope this answer will help you to fix your device your self

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Thank you soo, soo much Buddhika Mahesh!! I have been having problems with my phone for like 3 days now,,, I've looked up every website that I could find to help fix my phone, unfortunately everyone out there thinks they need to be paid to give out the information that you just did!

Thanks to you and your good hearted self my phone is now working!!

Thank you again!! You have no idea how much I appreciate you right now"


Sweetypie, You are most welcome! This thanks belongs to iFixit team as well. They made this forum to join many professional around the world to help people just like you. :-)


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