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The Element GC-1020 is a media player released in 2009 by Element Electronics. The device has multimedia capabilities, offering 2GB of storage, voice recording, and video viewing capabilities.

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Why isn’t my device showing up when connected to my computer?

When I plug my MP3 player into my computer it does not show up on the computer. Can someone help me fix the problem?

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I plugged the media player into my computer via USB port, and opened windows media player. I then went to sync and the Element GC-1020 came right up. If you are finding that does not work you have to reinstall your driver try to download Windows media 11 Update for Windows Media Player 11 for Windows Vista (KB931621).

Some additional information can be found in step 3 of the owners manual (pages 3 and 4), or on your computer manufacturer's website.

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