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Why is my Lawntractor not starting

My Lawn tractor with Kohler Engine starts and runs for a few seconds and stops.

After many attempts it will start and run. But when I turn the engine off and want

to start the engine, same thing happen all over again. What is the problem?

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Have you checked the fuel and supply line and fuel filter??

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tosatheo, Sounds like it possibly could be a problem with the gas cap vent blocked, loosen or remove gas cap and see if the mower runs better, if it does try to clean the caps vent holes or replace cap. If no better you will have to check for fuel flow to the carburetor. Remove fuel line from carb. and check for flow of gas, if equipped with fuel pump you will have to crank engine to check flow. If no gas flow the problem could be fuel tank clogging at outlet shut off valve/fuel filter,rubber fuel line collapsing/pinched or faulty pump if equipped. If you are getting good fuel flow the carburetor is probably clogged in the ports(needing cleaned/rebuilt)or if equipped with fuel shut off solenoid may be faulty/sticking. Good luck. I hope this helped you out, if so let me know by pressing the helpful button.

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I would drain the gas out of the tank, and put in fresh gas. And I would add some Seafoam ( additive to the fresh gas. Then crank the engine. If it will run for just a minute with the new gas / seafoam mix in the tank, the seafoam will have the chance to clean the gunk out of the fuel system.

I had a situation just like yours - it would run a minute, then die. I put fresh gas with seafoam in the tank and cranked it. It immediately started running like new, and has been for a year now.

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