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Lanzado el 19 de septiembre de 2014, este iPhone de pantalla de 4.7" es la versión más pequeña del iPhone 6 Plus. Identificable por los números de modelo A1549, A1586 y A1589.

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My iPhone have no sounds, video mic won't catch any sound

Hello. I bought Ip6 a few months ago. Someday he gets contact with water and then he loses all of the sounds, and started getting laggy on a simple things like writing message etc.

1. Speaker : The problem was after the water fall on Iphone (half cup of water). Now when i'm trying to listen some music he gets lag for a sec and got error. "Cannot complete action" and that's all. I've Changed a speaker and a lightning connector (flex where the speaker is). Still nothing. Ofc after those operations i restarted Iphone (OS), restore from iTunes (as a new phone)

2. Recording Problem : When i'm trying to REC some video or slowmo i have a problem, Iphone gets laggy and then i have to close app, but when i will connect an headphones and open again camera on video or slow-mo mode the recording is working normally, and without any problem, sometimes he recording videos, but when i'm watching theme on computer there's no sound. The photos are okay, justt like it should be (with and without headphones connected).


While recording any video with connected my computer speakers (without any microphone) i can hear voice on video, so Iphone mic i okay. '

3. Lagging Problem : Last problem is not a big problem i guess, anyway. Iphone getting Laggy (texting, trying change a ringsound, etc, etc) with a turned On sound, but when i wil shuffle on vibration mode the problem is gone.

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Sounds like damage to the logic board. I guess you could try cleaning this, with isopropyl alcohol, 90 proof, and a tooth brush. See if this helps the situation. Other than that I'm really not sure which parts could be replaced to fix the problem

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Clean the whole thing. It's isopropyl alcohol. Won't hurt the phone

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Which part should i clean ? Conector of lightning port to motherboard ? Or separate shield from motherboard and then clean a audio driver on motherboard ?

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I will try it, but i'm not thinking it will be helpfull, beacause phone while after get in to water, was taken to service and putted in to ultrasound bathtub (some kind of bath with a isopropyl). I will let You know

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Alright keep me posted

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