How to restart the phone with spoiled lock & power button

Lock and power button spoiled. Need to restart the phone as some error on the phone.

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I also had this problem. Bruno's answer fixed it. Thank You.



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Hello Charles,

If the touchscreen works on the iPhone 4 you could go into settings-general-accessibility and turn Assistive Touch ON. From there you will be able to shut down and restart the phone.


You have several good ways to Restart your iPhone.

1. You can let your battery run all the way down, your iPhone will turn OFF and then you charge it back up, it will turn ON in less than 4 minutes. You should be doing this once to a couple times per month for best battery performance anyway, according to the most experienced users on this forum.

2. You can squeeze (pinch) the Power Button top corner front glass to the back case while pushing the Power Button and the Power Button will usually function.

3. Settings App>General>Reset near bottom>Reset Network Settings. This will restart your iPhone, and I believe this will function fairly close to or exactly like a Hard Reset. Nothing will change on your iPhone.

4. Settings App>General>Reset near bottom>Reset All Settings. This will restart your iPhone, it will not delete anything, but it will reorganize things like Apps. I do not like using this feature myself.

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