Any coming back from 7 beep land?

My laptop stopped booting, it beeped 7 times indicating a processor problem. I paid the exorbitant amount that Dell charges to fix its products out of warranty. 5 months later I wind up with the same problem. ( The grounder fell off the plug for the adapter a long time ago, I don't know if that's whats causing the problem to repeat or not)

Dell isn't going to help me out as the repairs only have a 90 day warranty (that should have been a red flag to me). I need a laptop and the one I'm working on now won't keep a charge so it won't be any good to me for note taking. Is there any way I can fix this problem without having to cough up more money?

Is this a common Dell problem, I've noticed their customer service to be very lacking in recent years.

Once again to sum it up (sorry if I seemed to ramble I've had a cold the past few days and its left me a bit loopy) : my computer won't boot, it beeps 7 times but doesn't start, it does however stay on as I could hear the fans going even after the processor warning.

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