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Repair guides and disassembly information for laptops manufactured by Asus.

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Spilled medium amount of beer on laptop, still worked

I will described as best as possible.

Asus ROG i7, 2014.

Spilled okay amount on it .. Like 10cm2 (4inches2), maybe one quarter of the keyboard received beer.

I cleaned it with scottowels right away but i was drunk so didnt think right away to shut it down. Took me maybe 30-40 seconds do it.

Everything was working perfectly during those 30 seconds and while shutting down. I then unplugged everything linked to it and removed the battery. Made Sure it was dry (on the outside). Its upside down now.

What do you recommend ? Im travelling right now but my job is on it so i am working so i need it and its a very good laptop so i love it. If i need to wait 72 hours i will even tho i badlyy want to avoid that.

I have nothing in the appartment i rented and i dont speak the langage of the country but if you tell me i really need to open the computer and do stuff, i will. Would be very appreciated if you could tell me what to do when i open it .. From what i remembered i can withdraw the hdd and the ssd. I read that i should use a dielectric contact cleaner but how and where ? If rather avoid that cause im not sure i could find this here but anyway thank you very much if you answer !!

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It sounds like you acted quickly and effectively. I am not well versed enough to answer this issue, but given the reaction time and steps you took, I would say your system will probably survive.


Dont think i'll be able to find tech shop where i am, im gonna open it at 11am tomorrow, which will be 38 hours after the incident. I still dont know how big a gamble this is but i have to work

Ive taken out my hdd and sdd, (as well as the laptop battery at the very beginning). Everything looks dry.. Altho i dont/cant know about the motherboard


I never said it wasnt working ? It was working perfectly for the 30 seconds it was on. I closed it and removed the battery as a precaution. Same with hdd and ssd. And put the laptop upside down. Everrything is fine except i cant see the motherboard. Will try to open it tommorow morning, 36 hours after the incident


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bigje99, it does not matter for how long or how much liquid was involved. What matters is where it was hit. You will have to disassemble your Laptop and clean the mother board and all connectors with some 90%+ isopropyl alcohol. While you do that, check your components for any damage.

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