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Is the iTunes error 3194 can be material?

Is the iTunes error 3194 can be material ?

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is the phone jailbroken? pretty sure that error is because your trying to install a old firmware onto the phone and apples server rejects it

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Exactly I have tried to install the 9.0.0 firmware that was non signed by apple... I've Tried with the last firmware 9.0.2, and that's work

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You can have a try the following steps. Hope it works!

  • For Windows, navigate to C:/Windows/System32/drivers/etc/ and find the file that’s named “hosts”
  • For Mac, the file is in /etc/
  • Open the file in Notepad (or any other text editing software) (for Windows users, open this with Administrator Privileges)
  • You’ll mostly have this line at the bottom of the file:
  • Either comment this line out by typing a single ‘#’ (without the quotes) in front of the line (before 74) or remove the line entirely.
  • Now, save the hosts file and then try updating your iPhone through iTunes.
  • In most cases, the error shouldn’t pop up now.
  • Again, if you’re lucky, this should work. To me, this method never worked but then, I had my iPhone jailbroken too many times. So that’s when TinyUmbrella comes to the rescue.


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