Model A1418 / Late 2013 / 2.7 & 2.9 GHz Core i5 or 3.1 GHz Core i7 Processor

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Boot Up Problem - Black Screen

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A few months ago I took apart my Mac and replaced the HD with a SSD drive. Worked great until a couple of days ago.

Unfortunately I used adhesive tape for the LCD that wasn't strong enough. The display came undone a bit and yanked the display cable out of the logic board while the computer was on.

Now when I tried to reboot, I hear the chime, the fan goes on at a very high speed, but the LCD is completely black.

I fear I may have fried the logic board or LCD cable. There is no visible damage to the LCD cable.

Tried SMC and PRAM resets (didn't work). My next step is to try using it with an external monitor....

Any ideas ?

Update (10/04/2015)

See attached photos.

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Can you post a couple of good images of the connector so we can see the damage.


Sorry the image is not clear enough to see anything useful here. Really need a tight focus on both the cable & board connectors. Need to see the pins and the shell of the connector clearly.


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Given the symptom of the Fan going into over drive tells me the LCD connection is damaged as the LCD has a thermal sensor which is not able to report to SMC so SMC thinks there is a problem so it goes into safe mode which is to push the fan to the max as well as put the CPU into safe mode as well which lowers it's processing (the system runs slow).

Now the issue is what got damaged and what it will take to fix the system.

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The exact thing has happened to me . When I changed the Hdd on an SSD I put a poor quality adhesive and the screen peeled off.

The same symptoms, screen totally off, fan at high speed and the system runs slow.

I put an external monitor and it works very slow.

Both connectors are apparently not damaged. Although this is surely the problem because of Dan's brilliant diagnosis, it fits into the description of the problem.

It would be nice to know if Mr. Ron Goldman solved the problem by changing the LCD flex.

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