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Xbox One Kinect. Included with the Xbox One. It has successfully sold over 23 million units around the world.

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Console Won't Power on

There was a storm, and my Xbox One was on. The storm turned off my electric, and when the electric came on my console would not power on, light up, or sound on. Did my console burn out with or what can be the issue?

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You might try 7 plugging the power brick from the outlet, waiting 30 sec. ,then plugging it back in. Should work again.

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I'm having a similar issue, except I'm not sure when it occurred. I went awhile without using my xbox. The other day I tried turning it on and I got nothing. Microsoft said they won't repair it, (tamper seal was missing). I would like to find out specifically what is causing the issue. I have tried different powerbricks/outlets, still nothing.

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