Problems after digitizer replacement.

I just did my first digitizer replacement on my iPad mini wifi, and everything went smoothly as far as I could tell. Before I glued it down I tested the screen and everything seemed perfect, so I glued it down, took special care to not pinch the ribbon cable. And when I power it up, the screen works fine for the most part. The problems are:

1) dark black lines covering maybe 1/4 inch at the bottom of the screen.

2) randomly, those black lines start to travel up toward the top of the screen, but if I put pressure on certain spots of the screen, they go back down.

3) in some apps, the lines take over the whole screen and won't go away until I close the app.

All of these problems persist, but the digitizer still seems to work fine in regards to responding to touch. Please help me figure out the problem!

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It sounds like the LCD is cracked, a lot of techs have issues with the iPad Mini LCD cause its so thin. Can you take a picture of the screen showing the lines you are talking about

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I wonder if this is the thing where you need to put kapton tape on the cables....

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Kapton tape is only used on the digitizer and its to prevent the touch screen from opening apps and moving the screen on its own. Kapton is not need if she is having issues with the LCD only.

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Crap, you're right

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