Screen cracked, LCD / LED displays blank screen. Need help.

So, I have this LG Lucid 2 that was previously owned by someone I know. The screen is badly cracked, and when I last remembered, the screen actually displayed. Now, it only displays a blank screen. I am assuming it's because it broke somehow. Anyway, I can't find any photos of the device (yet)

When I charge / plug it in, the indicator light turns on and sometimes it blinks (don't know why)

Here's some things it will do (each option happens once It's plugged in; unplug the device and plug it back in, either same outcome, or different one.)

1. Screen will display blank, and will eventually dim, and then eventually not display anything (with indicator light [blue])

a. Same happens but indicator light is off.

2. Indicator light [blue] shows and stays (sometimes goes off until the device is plugged back in again.)

3. Screen displays blank at highest brightness setting and stays on until device is unplugged (sometimes indicator light is on [blue])

4. The sensor buttons light up not even for a second and turn off, then one of the above options happen.

I am assuming there's some internal issue too, because the phone doesn't seem to be acting right even without a screen to look at (Can't hear noise when adjust volume [sometimes you can, hasn't happened recently], vibrates crazily sometimes, etc.)

When it has enough power (if it's plugged in: phone powers "off" when not plugged in) the phone will function like it does on the charger (sort of.)

One thing that happened was I was sleeping, and I guess the phone was "on" and one alarm that was still on the phone went off. The display showed a blank screen but the noise / ringtone was playing. I couldn't really do the "swipe to snooze" or "Dismiss" because, even though I did the gestures, it didn't stop. I eventually had to just take out the battery.

I assume I have to get the LCD / LED display fixed first? Or is there another way to get this phone fixed? Or is it even the display or is something else making it display blank?

Any help on this situation is appreciated. Sorry for the long read.

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