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Model A1238 / 80, 120, or 160 GB hard drive / black or silver metal front

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iPod Still DEAD. Battery+Display REPLACED , Hold cable BROKEN

Hey there,

I need your help.

-I was replacing the battery of my iPod classic 7th generation and while i was trying to open the case , I accidentally broken the display.

During the process i also accidentally cut the Hold cable.

-Nevertheless the new battery seemed to work, I could see (through the broken display) that the iPod was charging even if it wasn't working as intended

I mean that the iPod couldnt stay fully operative (Continuos intermittence ON-->Charge-->OFF--->ON-->Charge-->OFF)

I also replaced the Display with a new one (this time without broken anything, HURRAY) but it still doesnt work properly....

Now it seems more dead than ever. not a single sign of life.

Could it be that the broken Hold CABLE (that now is the only broken thing inside) is doing a sort of "short circuit"?

I can't understand anything.

Maybe is just the new battery that is defective and i just need a new one.

(Sorry for my bad english, i'm not a "native")

Hope someone can help me,

Thank in advance,

Mattia :D

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gengismat, yes it is possible that this is caused by the broken cable. So you do want to replace it. Use this guide for that. While you are at it, do check the battery connector on the logic board carefully. It has a tendency of breaking of the board. That might explain why your iPod does not work.

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Thank you Turkey, i'll check the battery connector...

I also have an old Ipod Video 30 the jack/hold part the compatible?

Do you know if there is a way to see if the battery is defective with out placing it inside the ipod?

(I ask this because it's a little inflated, like if there was some air inside...)

Thanks again,



No it does not fit.....


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