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Replacement screen flashes and goes black if I open apps

I bought a screen to replace my cracked one about 2 months ago from an Indian shop (the new screen is not a genuine apple screen) . After a few days the new screen started flashing and has lines accross it, it varies in severity. Now over the last week or so the screen goes black if I open apps, it slowly fades to black and I either have to wait 20 minutes for it to work again or I have to press the home and the lock button to restart it. When it fades to black it stops working completely, I can't still take screenshots or hear sounds. It's mostly happening if I open Instagram or 9gag but in the last day or so it happens if I open my camera or view my photos for more than 5 minutes. What is going on here? My phone worked perfectly before getting the new screen.

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yes shelbi, it seems to be your LCD is faulty. behind of LCD there is LCD driving circuit. you mentioned fault comes from capacitors leakage of LCD driver. also you need to check back light driver on logic board whether it damaged due to 3rd party LCD. its better to start with new LCD panel to fix your phone.

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Thank you for your answer! I just got the same answer from a repair shop so it is definitely a problem with the LCD.


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