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Is it possible to load a new android OS in the tablet

I bought the Kenwood LZ-T700 to work with my Kenwood head unit. It does not do that so I have a useless tablet.

It is a modified android system that basically dont have all of the functions that a normal Android would have, like the Google Play Store.

I am wondering of there is a way to put a regular Android OS on it .

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If you can find a rom for it it can be loaded with a program called odin

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google playstore works with android os all the way back to 2.2 gingerbread so how old is the program

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What is a rom?

I think that Kenwood modified the program and took out the ability to update as well as the play store

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(Android Read Only Memory) A file containing the executable instructions (a system image) of an Android OS and affiliated apps. The "stock ROM" comes installed on the phone or tablet, while a "custom ROM" comes from a third party. The custom ROM is either a uniquely modified OS, such as Cyanogen, or a stock version made available for older devices or for new devices before the vendor release date. See CyanogenMod.

Flashing the ROM

Flashing a ROM means installing the system image into the device's internal flash memory. Flash memory holds the Android's firmware, the same as most other devices with an embedded OS.

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This site will help undestand how to flash a new rom onto your device if its possible

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I use a program called Odin not sure if it isnt maybe just for samsung as most of the uprades I do are on samsung or nexus devices

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Everything that I have read says that it is for Samsung only, I'll look through the info that you have sent, thank you sir

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