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Is the condenser line replaceble

the copper line that goes into the condenser is bent, is that replaceable

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stephragan78 , yes, no, maybe :-) Most likely yes it can. PITA so. It will depend on how bend it is and where the bend is. Most of the copper lines are attached by being brazed vs. soldered. You need to have the AC purged, then fix that line then remove all humidity with a vacuum pump and subsequently refill the AC. Since it requires some pretty specific tools you may want to leave this job to the AC pro's. fixable? Absolutely.

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Unfortunately, Old Turkey is right. In order to work on any system using refrigerant you have to be EPA certified. A proper technician will have the vacuum pump and reclamation tank. They will also have the proper gauges and nitrogen tank to cleans the new line sets.

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Unless it uses 134A, which anyone can buy and vet to the air. But you will need a vacuum pump and a scale because it probly is a critical charge. And a torch and some some alloy to braize it. But is is not something a normal person can do. You need to pull at least 500 microns on a deep vacuum. But is is a easy fix for a pro.

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