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The first Legacy was available at Japanese dealerships on February 1, 1989, with worldwide distribution starting in 1990.

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front left light dim

my 94 subaru rs legacy front left light dim. iv tryed the basics. token both bulbs out of the lense and turnd them on and the pasnger side fine but drivers light dull and orange wat could it be

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Road ^$@* on the lens or water in ca

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Probably just a dull bulb. If you switch them, what's the result? If the driver's side is still dim, replace it.

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Agreed -- probably the bulb but could be the socket. +

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whoa, who dug this one up:-) 26month old question. Anyhow, I would go with another bulb. Check the socket and make sure that you have proper ground. If it is not the bulb itself, take a look at the connector , as well as the barrel of the bulb, make sure that the ground is not corroded. Does happen frequently and can cause those symptoms. Looking at the wiring diagram, it is very unlikely that the headlight switch would cause this, since both headlights are on the same switch circuit.

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FIrst things first, I agree that checking the bulb is the first step. Not sure how the headlights are wired on this vehicle, but on some this can be caused by a faulty switch on the steering column, too. I've had this issue before but it was on a Datsun from the early 80's -- not sure if they'd send power through the headlight switch on Subaru of that vintage.

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