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Una consola de videojuegos producida por Sony Computer Entertainment, anunciada por primera vez el 20 de febrero, en 2013 y lanzada el 15 de noviembre en 2013.

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Why my PS4 isn't powering on? a quick fix or no?

My PS4 was working all month long until Labor Day morning it was on stand by mode and I don't know what happened I woked up on Labor Day morning and I tried to power on my PS4 and it didnt do nothing and my PS4 is brand new and yes I got it from Aaron's rental store and I sent it in for service last Thursday September10th and they told me that I might receive on Friday aka today because that's when they get there items from service on the truck Friday's so I hope I don't lose all my data because my power on my PS4 wasn't powering on

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Start by unplugging it, leave it unplugged then push the power button to discharge the power supply. Plug it back in, when you attempt to power it on does it power on, shut off, then not let you turn on again? Or does it turn on, then let you try again and just shut off again?

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Yeah my PS4 is in the repair service shop getting repaired right now as we speak and Aaron's rental store told me that I will have it Friday 9/25 I hope my save data and games is still intact...

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If they only had to change the power supply, then your saves should be ok. If for some reason it happened to be a hard drive issue and they have to either replace it or rebuild the database/ reinitialize it then everything will be gone. Good news is, since a lot of our stuff is stored in online sony account servers, you should be able to recover everything.

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