Dishwasher won't drain, water backing up...

I have a Frigidaire Gallery Dishwasher that is only a couple years old.

Model #LGBD2435NW0A All the sudden there is standing water in the bottom of the washer. I have done a decent amount of research on it, and am stumped.

It is out of warranty according to Frigidaire. I have somewhat recently 6 months ago, installed a new garbage disposal that it is connected to, however it has worked fine for 6+months so I'm confident that isn't the issue. I troubleshooted the washer using a video on youtube and put it in diagnostic mode. When I go to the drain setting, I hear a noise, sort of like gears turning or grinding/clicking but nothing happens. I let it stay on this mode for a while and it never drained.

Help please!!

Update (09/17/2015)

Here are some pictures to help. This is after I manually removed most of the water with a cup, and after I took the filter out and cleaned it(wasn't that bad).

Block Image

Block Image

Block Image

Block Image

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Matt Collier, sounds like either a bad drain valve or a bad drain pump. Neither one of those can be repaired but must be replaced.

Block Image

#60 for the pump.

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